Oldham Road Congregational Church

Oldham Road Congregational Church ca 1961

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Oldham Road Congregational Church,
Miles Platting (ca 1961)
(with the kind permission of Manchester Archives)

Oldham Road Congreational Church, Miles Platting opened in January 1846 as a Sunday school for both children andd adults. James Bedell undertook the management of it and conducted a public service each Sunday evening. Attendance at the school rapidly increased and the large room used for the evening service was very soon crowded. Mr Bedell devoted himself entirely to the nurturing and establishment of the Church and Oldham Road Chapel was consequently built and opened in October 1850.

The congregation continued to increase and by March 1851 a Church was formed consisting of 70-80 members who were unanimous in their agreement to invite James Bedell to be their pastor. On March 25th 1851, James Bedell was ordained.

Rev James Bedell, the first minister is quoted as follows in respect of the origin of the Church: “In Mr Abraham Ward’s office in Deansgate, he and three of us from the college met for consultation and earnest prayer concerning the beginning of a school and preaching room in Oldham Road. Then on a dark winter’s morning, January 8th, 1846, three students, Messrs. Day, Clapham and myself walked from the college to Poland Street and in the upper room quietly, unostentatiously began a Sunday school.”
(Lancashire Non Conformity by Rev B Nightingale – 1890)

The Rev James Bedell continued his ministry until September 1876 when he resigned. He subsequently became the Pastor of Lymm Congregational Church in Cheshire. His successor, was the Rev William Hubbard who ministered at Oldham Road until 1885. He moved to a Church in Ipswich. The Rev William Henry Towers took over the ministry of the Church on September 12th 1886 and at that time it had seating for 1000 persons.

Oldham Road Congrational Church was demolished in the 1960’s. It did not have its own burial ground and a number of the members of this Church were buried in Manchester General Cemetery. Most of the burials, although not all, were officiated by the Church's own ministers.

Transcriptions from the Church Registers (birth, marriage, death and church roll) by visiting the website of the Lancashire Online Parish Clerks. This is a volunteer project which aims to preserve data for family and local historians and to make it freely accessible online.


BARRATT Mary Ann 52 17th Sept 1893 23rd Sept 1893 Non Con Plot 1 1234 William H Towers Died of natural causes; wife of William;
BARRATT William 72 28th Dec 1906 2nd Jan 1907 Non Con Plot 1 1234 Thomas Grant
BRITNOR Edward 55 - 5th Feb 1894 Non Con Plot 1 4724 William H Towers Died of natural causes; occupation: hosier/salesman;
BRITNOR Ellen 84 27th May 1931 30th May 1931 Non Con Plot 1 4724 Non Con Plot 1 4724 - Wife of Edward; maiden name Child; married 26th Apr 1883;
CHAMBERS Mary 74 12th Aug 1907 15 Aug 1907 Non Con Plot 1 3410 Thomas Grant Wife of Robert; maiden name Gardiner;
CHAMBERS Robert 52 1st May 1886 6th May 1886 Non Con Plot 1 3410 William Reid Cause of death: chronic asthma; occupation: mechanic;
CHILD Mary Ann 82 7th Dec 1886 11 Dec 1886 Non Con Plot 2 4332 James Bedell Died of old age; born 17 Aug 1804; relict of John;
HASSALL Sarah 69 Jun 1890 - - William H Towers
HOWARTH Abraham 57 - 21 Feb 1890 Non Con Plot 1 4495 William H Towers Died of natural causes; occupation: spindle maker;
HOWARTH Jane 75 5 Mar 1901 9 Mar 1901 Non Con Plot 1 3719 William H Towers Wife of John;
HOWARTH John 69 27 Dec 1893 1 Jan 1894 Non Con Plot 1 3719 William H Towers City Missionary for 42 years;
HUTTON John 75 - 27 Jun 1894 Non Con Plot 1 4404 William H Towers
JONES Elizabeth Ann 27 24 Apr 1894 27 Apr 1894 Non Con Plot 1 1826 Thomas Grant Wife of John Owen;
McFARLANE Janet 51 26 Dec 1885 - - - Occupation: weaver;
MIDDLETON William 82 11 Dec 1885 16 Dec 1885 Non Con Plot 1 3775 A G Whaley City Missionary;
PEARSON Mary 31 15 Mar 1889 - - William H Towers Married woman;
ROBERTS Martha 54 - 4th Dec 1889 Non Con Public 169 William H Towers Died of natural causes; wife of George, maiden name McConkey; married 7th Mar 1891;
SWANN James 69 2nd Jan 1893 5th Jan 1893 Non Con Plot 2 3091 William H Towers Died of natural causes; occupation: warehouseman/packer;
SWANN Jane 71 - 17th Jan 1894 Non Con Plot 2 3091 William H Towers Died of natural causes; wife of James;
TAYLOR Ann 53 29th May 1891 2nd June 1891 Non Con Plot 1 2116 William H Towers Died of natural causes hastened by influenza; occupation silk winder;
TURNER Charlotte 29 - 25th Oct 1889 Non Con Plot ? 1770 G C Frost Died of natural causes; wife of John;
WALTON Maria 30 - 25th Nov 1890 Non Con Plot 2 2649 Thomas Grant Died of natural causes; occupation: reeler;
WORTHINGTON Dinah 45 21 Aug 1854 25 Aug 1854 Non Con Plot 2 3746 James Bedell Cause of death: cancer/protracted illness borne with patience; wife of John;